How to introduce doddl baby cutlery

Here are some simple steps to help you to introduce doddl cutlery to your baby.

How to introduce doddl baby cutlery to your baby|Introducing doddl baby cutlery to your baby in simple steps

Perhaps you've made the rather excellent decision to buy and introduce doddl baby cutlery for your little one.

Or maybe you're not quite ready for weaning and you're doing some weaning research? Either way, here are some simple steps to help you safely introduce doddl baby cutlery to your little one, as early as 6 months.

Let your baby explore cutlery. Allowing them to familiarise themselves with it from the start of weaning will really help your baby as they grow. The short contoured handles of doddl will also help your baby develop their key motor skills at every mealtime. And they avoid the gag risk of long handled spoons. If you're looking for more help and advice about weaning, check out our Weaning Week workshop, with Cat (doddl inventor) and Stacey Zimmels, Feeding and Swallowing Specialist.


Buy doddl baby cutlery And the amazing doddl 2-in1 baby bowl - perfect for early weaning stages right through to toddler years. 


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