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Customer Reviews

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Awesome Designed Bowl

doddl 2 in 1 Baby and Toddler Bowl.
This bowl is fantastic and no wonder it won awards!
This is the first time I have ever seen a bowl that has a lower side so little people can actually see their dinner, such a clever idea.
The higher back allows more scooping 'balance on the spoon time' so the little people do not get bored or frustrated when first using spoons.
I know this Doddl bowl has a costly first initial outlay but this is a one of purchase and would last your child many years of use so its well worth investing in.
The bowl grows with your child from weaning suction based to toddler feeding themselves bowl.
It is made from a strong heavy and durable plastic that is dishwasher safe and the splash logo at the bottom is a simple design yet a very attractive one.
I absolutely adore this bowl, yes I know it is just a bowl but I'm confident that you would also share my delight if you were to purchase one too.

M & M
Best baby bowl ever!

This is the best baby (and toddler) food bowl ever.
Not only it looks very pretty, it is nicely designed and well-made.
The packaging is also first-class. It would be perfect for a gift.
The suction cup is strong enough to keep the bowl on the table, you can't remove it even with both hands but if you pull a little flap on the back (picture attached) it comes off immediately.
To make things better the suction cup can be removed, either for washing or removed completely when the child is bigger and sticking the bowl to the table is not necessary any more.

Well designed baby and toddler feeding bowl

doddl is a really good brand and we have had other products from them. This bowl is as good as I’d hoped. The base of the bowl can be converted between a suction bowl for babies, and a non-slip bowl for toddlers, simply by removing the suction part on the bottom. This means that it’s going to last twice as long as other bowls as it’s so versatile. The suction is pretty strong and sticks to the tray of the high chair very well and it has a little tab to help release it when you need to. As a toddler bowl, it’s definitely non-slip, which is great. I love the oval shape with one side higher than the other as this helps babies and toddlers with scooping food onto a spoon. This bowl is dishwasher safe and can be used in a standard steriliser (not UV). We really love this impressive little bowl, and our grandchildren love using it.

Weaning bowl to help with self feeding

There were features to a baby led weaning bowl I hadn’t considered, and one of them is a lower side to allow them to see the their food easier and allow for easier access like this one. It also has a flatter base for easier scooping. I like how the suction on the bowl can be removed for parent led weaning and for when they’re older as well, and you can still use the bowl with a bit of grip at the bottom. The suction for the bowl is very stable, and has a release tab for easy removal. It’s a good size for the high chair and works well for both parent and baby led weaning. Washes fine in the dishwasher and works well in the microwave, very practical and ergonomic for baby.

Great quality and removable suction rim

We already have a doddl spoon and shallow plate but this is great to add to the collection. It definitely is at the premium price point of the bowl market (in my opinion anyway) but the suction options and quality of the item means you'll be using it for years.
I refer to suction 'options' above by meaning you can remove the suction part of the bowl, meaning as your food/bowl throwing baby turns into an eating machine (toddler) you can remove the suction part and it has a non slip bottom allowing it to function just as well on trays or a normal table.

As an addition i would say this is the best 'suction' bowl/plate we have for use with our Stokke chair tray which as you will know if even reading this and nodding is a pain in the bum to get something to stick to properly. Obviously its not perfect, i don't think any suction plate ever will be moving it side to side in a puddle of milk but it is definitely the best we have tried.