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Head of Sun Bear Montessori School, Master in Early Childhood Education

Celeste Wong

"As we promote independence in children from a young age, we begin this journey early on. One of the fundamental aspects of daily life is eating, having an award-winning cutlery set like doddl certainly enhances the experience. We introduce spoons and forks to our little ones at around one year old, and with doddl, children can effortlessly learn self-feeding. We consistently recommend that parents invest in a doddl set for their young ones, particularly for dining out. In our experience, having tried various brands, from the inexpensive to the pricier options, doddl remains our top choice."

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Early Childhood Educator & Founder of BLW Recipes & Support Group on Facebook with over 229K members

Pauline Tay

"If you’ve been following us, you would have noticed that Elroy has been using doddl utensils since 1 year old till date (he’s 4 now!), from the lime green baby cutlery set to the aqua children’s fork & spoon. Honestly, I wished I had known doddl earlier becos they are simply too awesome!! The cute handle knob was perfect for grip, Elroy was able to use them with ease while building his self-feeding skills. More control and dexterity = lesser mess during mealtime. Made with long-lasting quality, easy to wash and clean, I’m not going to let anyone miss out on this impressive cutlery from doddl that your little one deserves to have"

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Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Christine Pollack

“I absolutely love doddl. It comes with a children’s fork, spoon & knife that are ergonomically designed to foster independent feeding while building motor skills. Each utensil has grip zones strategically placed making it easy for kids to maintain control and manoeuvre the utensils. The handles are designed to promote a mature grasp which helps with drawing and writing. This is the first cutlery set I’ve come across that includes a knife safely designed for introducing and practicing knife skills with kids allowing them to participate in making her own food.”

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Paediatric Feeding and Swallowing Specialist Speech Therapist

Stacey Zimmels

“As a feeding specialist and a mother, I was so delighted to discover doddl cutlery after it was recommended by a friend. I was so fed up of buying cutlery that wasn’t working to support my baby with his self-feeding development. doddl cutlery was perfect for him and within days he had mastered the loaded spoon and was stabbing and eating with his fork. The perfectly designed handles are short and fat which makes them easy to grab and simple to bring to their mouth. My son loved eating at the family table with his doddl cutlery – he was participating in our family mealtimes before he was walking!”

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Specialist Paediatric Dietician

Lucy Upton

“doddl cutlery is fantastic for supporting young children with independent eating, grasping those tricky cutlery skills and allowing little ones to get stuck in exploring the wonderful world of food”

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