set & sarung kutleri bayi doddl

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
The best cutlery set for little ones

I absolutely love this set. Starting to feed my baby solid food was daunting as it is and I have tried other spoons but my baby didn’t like them at all and it was too hard for him to swallow any food properly. But with this set he didn’t have any problems at all. I already recommended this set to all my mum friends! Amazing

Cheryl M.

Purchased the baby cutlery set and they have been a huge hit with my 9 month old! He absolutely loves holding them and has been attempting to ‘feed’ himself. The fact they come in a little carry case makes them perfect for when your out and about. Would highly recommend.

Lisa F.

Bought for my 1 year old grandson and he’s starting to feed himself. The shape is brilliant for him to hold. Good quality

Tamsin C.
Nifty fork and spoon!

Handy size to fit tiny hands, making it easy to use. Fab design with a useful carrycase to take everywhere! Excellent quality, well packaged and arrived promptly.