set sudu kecil, garpu & pisau doddl

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Claire L.

Ordered these for my almost 18 month old to support him in feeding himself at mealtimes. He’s now using a spoon and fork confidently and we’re really pleased with how well he’s taken to them. Such a good product for developing correct grip.

Camilla C.
Helps with introducing cutlery

Definitely makes cutlery introduction easier for little ones. My daughter grabbed it straight away and it's great to practise with.

Daina L.
Amazing product

Absolutely amazing. First time my daughter used it the excitement in her eyes was just priceless. when the food actually was on the fork in comparison to other plastic set she had and it kept falling off. Her feeding , independence skills have improved. Wish I had purchased it earlier. Definitely recommend. (Sub-review: Happy meal times with independent feeding)

Ruth B.

Brilliant set of cutlery. Carry case makes it easy and hygienic to take them anywhere! They are so much easier to handle and clean. 100%recommend. (Sub-review: My daughters skill of handling cutlery increased almost instantly since using these! And she like using them, instead of trying to peak her interest in using a spoon/fork, she instigates using them now and enjoys it.)

Katarzyna Z.
Highly recommended

Amazing product. I bought it for my babies and toddlers to use at the nursery. Their hand and eye coordination were very good during meal times. I highly recommend it.